I am formerly Master Sargent Kent O'Jon. My wife and I have retired and now reside in Maricopa, AZ where 30% of the residents are from Military households. Our 5013c Maricopa Veterans Care Center (MVCC) sees a vacuum for PTSD Therapy and Counseling and we wish to fill it. The need for PTSD services is a growing issue and can impact us all.



The Maricopa Veterans Care Center [MVCC] is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization established to provide wellness and support to veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] and other debilitating mental health disorders.   It was founded by Master Sargent Kent O’Jon and Chrystal Allen-O’Jon in December 2017 to initially service the geographic areas of the City of Maricopa and Pinal County, with the potential capacity to support additional under served locals across Arizona. 



Having served 33 years in three branches of the military, I know firsthand the price of war to veterans and their families, and the incredible sacrifices young men and women make on behalf of this nation.  The price is why my vision to invest in making a difference in veterans and military families’ lives is so important.


The core mission of MVCC is to change the way the world defines, views and treat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental health disorders so that every veteran can live life to his or her fullest potential.  


PTSD in AZ Retired and Active Military:

The crucial issue of mental health care for veterans is more important than ever before due to the considerable number of veterans returning from combat missions who have experienced episodes of PTSD and other mental health conditions.  More than 1.5 million of the 5.5 million veterans seen in Veteran Administration hospitals had a mental health diagnosis in 2016.   This statistic represents about a 31% increase since 2004 (Phillips D., The suicide rate among veterans has risen sharply since 2001. The New York Times. 2016).


Diagnosis of PTSD is on the rise, as the changing nature of warfare increases the chances for injuries that affect mental health, and as our veterans face significant challenges upon returning home (Garbelman J., Crisis intervention issues in the veteran’s population. VAMC: Military Times. 2016).


 The potential adverse effects of mental health issues, such as violence and suicide, affect the more than 107,000 veterans who are homeless on any given night.  Current data reports that on average at least 21 veterans die by suicide each day, which makes the response to veteran mental health needs more urgent every day (Shane L, Kime P., New VA finds 20 veterans commit suicide each day.  Military Times. 2016). 


Our purpose is to provide FREE treatment for mental and physical disorders.  These services include:

   • Music and art therapy

   • Massage therapy

   • Alternative medicine

   • Counseling therapies (cognitive restructuring, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, 

   • Medication monitoring

   • Socialization

   • Employment-support and placement with business partners in futuristic jobs, such as in

      technology, artificial intelligence, robotics

   • Environmental spaces (peace garden)

   • Primary healthcare

   • Dental and auditory care

   • Relaxation respite (spa day)

   • Dietary consultation

   • Provide housing and financial counseling to assist in that process

   • Provide Caregiver Assistance & Therapy for Children and Teens.


According to Global Wellness experts, the wellness industry is expected to reach $3.7 trillion in the next decade (


What we need to help meet our goal:

   1. Items to auction off at a Music Event to benefit our PTSD Center goal of $500k.

   2. Sponsorship of funds to build 10-15 one-bedroom patio units to house displaced veterans.


Live Music Fund Raising Event –  Auction Items needed:


March 9, 2019

The Duke At Rancho El Dorado Golf Course 5-9PM

42660 W Rancho El Dorado Pkwy, Maricopa, AZ 85239 -


Bands Featured:

The Dina Preston Band has performed over 20 international tours in 43+ countries representing Arizona and the United States as “Ambassadors of Goodwill” and  Eric Seats & The 333's House Band (Jazz & R&B) DJ & Dancing.





Kent O’Jon


Community Events We Participate In

2019 Music Event for Veterans at the Duke Maricopa AZ

2019 Music for Veterans Auction Winners

Winner of Lunch with Stahl
Winner of Lunch with the Mayor
Les Paul Guitar Auction Winner is Dr
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